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#641: Spider-Man: Homecoming / Baby Driver / A Ghost Story

Spidey’s back. Again. After suffering through a disappointing reboot in 2012 (and its 2014 sequel), the webslinger returns - this time under the guidance of Tony Stark. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING finds Peter Parker in his natural habitat: high school - mostly to its benefit. Adam and Josh offer their review, plus some contrarian thoughts on Edgar Wright's BABY DRIVER and raves for David Lowery’s Sundance hit A GHOST STORY.

This episode is sponsored by Tribeca Shortlist and Blue Apron.

0:00-4:30 - Billboard / Donations
4:30-31:17 - Review: "A Ghost Story"
John Spencer Blues Explosion, "Bellbottoms"
34:07-58:30 - Notes / Polls
58:30-1:12:33 - Review: "Baby Driver"
Queen, "Brighton Rock"
1:15:51-1:31:53 - Review: "Spider-Man: Homecoming"
1:31:53-1:35:10 - Close


- David Ehrlich's "Ghost Story" interview

Josh's review of "A Ghost Story"

Josh's review of "Baby Driver"

Josh's review of "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

- "Canada Name-Dropped In 150 Movies"


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