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#637: Top 5 Movie Military Leaders / War Machine

Inspired by Gen. Stanley McChrystal's dramatic fall from grace in 2010 following a Rolling Stone profile, the new WAR MACHINE from Netflix puts a scowling Brad Pitt in McChrystal's boots for its Afghanistan-set satire. Despite an impressive ensemble cast, Adam and Josh agree that the film has a challenging time finding the right tone. But they also agree that a trio of actors best known for iconic work in the 80s make the most of their screen time. That review, plus the Top 5 Movie Military Leaders.

This episode of Filmspotting is presented by go90 and Showtime's "I'm Dying up Here."

0:00-2:42 - Billboard
2:42-28:15 - Review: "War Machine"
Black Sabbath, "War Pigs"
30:42-46:42 - Cannes / Notes
46:42-55:57 - Polls
Malcolm Arnold, "Bogey's March"
58:33-1:00:36 - Donations
1:00:36-1:40:07 - Top 5: Movie Military Leaders
1:40:07-1:44:02 - Close


- Josh's review of "War Machine"

- London meet-up details

- Michael Phillips' "Wonder Woman" review

- Is "Twelve O'Clock High" the Definitive Movie About Leadership?


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