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#635: Alien: Covenant / Top 5 Alien Attacks

Anticipation was high back in 2012 when director Ridley Scott returned to the "Alien" franchise with “Prometheus.” Despite a somewhat mixed response from audiences and critics, the 79-year-old Scott finds himself back aboard a doomed spacecraft with ALIEN: COVENANT. The return of the xenomorphs to the big screen is also the inspiration for this week’s Top 5: Alien Attacks. 

0:00-2:28 - Billboard
2:28-33:12 - Review: "Alien: Covenant"
Deep Purple, "Space Truckin'"
36:29-59:17 - Notes
59:17-1:07:29 - Polls
Ella Fitzgerald, "Two Little Green Men In a Flying Saucer"
1:11:43-1:47:03 - Top 5: Alien Attacks
1:47:03-1:49:42 - Close

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