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#620: 2017 Movie Preview / Oscar Talk / Bunuel #4 - Diary of a Chambermaid


The short version of Filmspotting's 2017 Movie Preview is easy: it starts with "Last" and ends with "Jedi." For a longer take, listen to this week's show, as Adam and Josh pose their top 5 questions about the new movie year. Plus, a little Oscar talk and Josh's recap of his time at the Sundance Film Festival.

This episode of Filmspotting is brought to you by MUBI.

0:00-2:18 - Billboard
2:18-45:29 - 2017 Movie Preview
Japandroids, "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" 
46:48-1:04:32 - Notes / Oscars Nominations
1:04:32-1:19:10 - Sundance Recap
Japandroids, "No Known Drink Or Drug" 
1:20:28-1:25:58 - Donations
1:25:58-1:46:58 - Bunuel #4: "Diary Of A Chambermaid"
1:46:58-2:05:04 - Close / Hot Mics ("Split")


- Japandroids


- Mark Boal wrote "The Hurt Locker" not "Black Hawk Down."

- British actress Naomie Harris is not "African-American."

- "The Handmaiden" wasn't eligible for the Oscars as it wasn't South Korea's nominee.


- Matt Singer's 2017 Preview


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