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#662: (Pt. 2) Top 10 Films of 2017


With their 'outlier' picks behind them, Adam and Josh - joined by guests Tasha Robinson (The Verge) and Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) - get down to business in part two of the Top 10 Films of 2017 countdown with their consensus choices for the best films of the year. Consensus, that is, with the exception of a pair of films that also happen to be among the most divisive films of '17. (Trigger warning for those of you who don't like to hear mommy and daddy fight.)

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0:00-1:52 - Intro
2:49-52:17 - Top 10: Consensus Picks
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch, "Home" (Dunkirk)
56:14-1:03:32 - Notes / 2017 Golden Brick Finalists
1:03:32-1:48:51 - Top 10: Consensus cont.
1:48:51-1:51:32 - Close


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