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#605: Top 5 Denzel Performances with W. Kamau Bell / The Magnificent Seven / Buñuel Marathon #1


Denzel Washington has been nominated for an Oscar in every decade since the ‘80s. He’s been a consistently bankable star for just about that long, too. And yet, do we still take Denzel for granted? With Washington’s THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN remake currently in theaters, special guest W. Kamau Bell joins Adam and Josh to look back on the actor’s career with the Top 5 Denzel Washington Performances. Plus, the first pair of films in the latest Filmspotting Marathon, devoted to the career of the Spanish-born surrealist Luis Bunuel - his 1929 collaboration with Salvador Dali UN CHIEN ANDALOU and 1930's L'AGE D'OR.

This episode of Filmspotting is brought to you by Upstanders and The Girl on the Train.

0:00-1:12 - Billboard
1:12-35:47 - Top 5: Denzel Washington Performances
W. Kamau Bell, "How Did You Know It Was Racism?"
36:60-51:59 - Notes / Polls
51:59-1:10:51 - Review: "Magnificent Seven (2016)"
Pixies, "Debaser"
1:12:05-1:17:20 - Donations
1:17:20-1:34:43 - Buñuel #1
1:334:43-1:36:59 - Close


Josh's review of "The Magnificent Seven"

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The Four Types of Denzel Washington Movies

James' film "Diverge"

16 min. version of "Un Chien Andalou"

20 min. version of "Un Chien Andalou"

Darragh O'Donoghue's Senses of Cinema essay on L'Age d'Or


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