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#593: Swiss Army Man / Kiarostami Tribute / Top 5 'Body' Movies


If you were paying any attention to the Sundance Film Festival back in January, it’s likely that you caught wind of a film that was being referred to as the ‘Daniel Radcliffe Farting Corpse Movie.’ There were reports of walk outs. Well that movie has an actual title - SWISS ARMY MAN - and it actually does star Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulent corpse. It also stars Paul Dano as a desperate castaway. This week, Adam and guest host Melissa Tamminga from Seattle Screen Scene have a review, and share their Top 5 ‘Body’ Movies. Plus, a conversation with Movie Mezzanine's Tina Hassannia about the legacy of the late Abbas Kiarostami.

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0:00-1:15 - Billboard
1:55-28:57 - Review: "Swiss Army Man"
Music: Martha "Precarious (Supermarket Song)"
29:43-44:02 - Notes / Massacre Theater
44:02-1:13:54 - Interview: Tina Hassannia on Abbas Kiarostami
Music: Martha "Ice Cream and Sunscreen"
1:15:03-2:02:14 - Top 5: 'Body' Movies
2:02:14-2:19:05 - Close / Hot Mics


Melissa at Seattle Screen Scene

Tina Hassannia

Tina's Abbas Kiarostami Appreciation

Women in the Films of Kiarostami

The Cinema of "Abbas Kiarostami"

Godfrey Cheshire on "Close-Up"


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