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#580: Midnight Special / May Marathon #4 - Ishtar / FS Madness: Final 4


Beloved by critics (including Adam and Josh), filmmaker Jeff Nichols made a bid for popular success in 2012 with MUD. But when MUD didn’t catch on with audiences, Nichols-watchers had to wait four long years for his return. Now he's back with MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, a Spielberg-meets-STARMAN sci-fi family drama starring Nichols regular Michael Shannon. Adam and Josh review, plus the Filmspotting Madness Final Four and some thoughts on the much-maligned ISHTAR, the final film in their Elaine May Marathon.

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0:00-3:02 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:02-29:32 - Review: "Midnight Special"
Music: Lucero, "Young Outlaws"
30:35-32:21 - Squarespace
32:21-38:11 - Notes
38:11-1:03:08 - Filmspotting Madness: Final 4
Music: Lucero, "My Girl & Me in '93"
1:03:59-1:09:56 - Donations
1:09:56 -1:31:55 - Elaine May #4: "Ishtar"
1:31:55-1:35:17 - Close




Filmspotting Madness Voting

Filmspotting Madness Bracket

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Adam's thoughts on "Remember"

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Elaine May talks about "Ishtar"

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