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#581: Everybody Wants Some!! / Top 5 Linklater Scenes / FS Madness Final


Richard Linklater’s last film was an ambitious Best Picture nominee that landed on just about every critic's 2014 Top 10 list. That was BOYHOOD. The trailer for his latest would have you thinking that it's a dumb sex comedy (not that there's anything wrong with that). Adam and Josh consider Linklater's 80s-set EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! and look for signs of the Tao of Linklater among the beer, babes and baseball. Plus, their Top 5 Linklater Scenes and the championship round of Filmspotting Madness.

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0:00-2:47 - Billboard / Donations
2:47-33:50 - Review: "Everybody Wants Some!!"
Music: Van Halen, "Everybody Wants Some!!"
34:37-39:22 - Notes
39:22-53:41 - Filmspotting Madness: Championship Round
Music: Nina Simone, "Just In Time"
54:30 -1:26:13 - Top 5: Richard Linklater Scenes
1:26:13-1:29:45 - Close / Outtake


Filmspotting Madness Voting

Filmspotting Madness Bracket

Josh's review of Everybody Wants Some!!

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