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#577: Knight of Cups / FS Madness / May Marathon #3 - Mikey and Nicky


Since returning in the late '90s with "The Thin Red Line," director Terrence Malick has spent the past couple of decades producing enigmatic masterpieces – or becoming a self-parody, depending who you ask. KNIGHT OF CUPS is Malick’s enigmatically-titled latest starring Christian Bale. Josh and Adam discuss in hushed tones and unveil the director's edition of Filmspotting Madness. Plus, the third Elaine May Marathon movie, MIKEY AND NICKY.

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0:00-2:18 - Billboard / Sponsors
2:18-23:51 - Review: "Knight of Cups"
Music: M Ward "Girl from Conejo Valley"
24:55-27:21 - Sponsors
27:21-1:02:57 - Notes / Filmspotting Madness - Round 1
Music: M Ward "Time Won't Wait"
1:04:06 - 1:14:03 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:14:03 -1:34:42 - Elaine May #3: "Mikey & Nicky"
1:34:42-1:36:57 - Close


M. Ward


Josh's review of Knight of Cups

Premium: "The Hateful Revenant"

"The Flick" at Steppenwolf

Filmspotting Madness

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CineMatsuri Japanese Film Fest

Josh's review of Mikey and Nicky

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