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#575: May Marathon #2 - The Heartbreak Kid / Top 5 Films of 1972


On his honeymoon, a man falls for another woman. The marriage is a bust, but the movie isn't. It's Elaine May's THE HEARTBREAK KID. On this week's show, Adam and Josh continue their May Marathon with the 1972 comedy starring Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd (and a great, Oscar-nominated turn by May's daughter Jeannie Berlin as the jilted wife). Plus, what happened when Josh found himself in a dark room with THE WITCH, Adam's trip to Broadway and the Top 5 Films of 1972.

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0:00-2:47 - Billboard / Sponsors
2:47-31:04 - Elaine May #2: "The Heartbreak Kid"
31:04-33:56 - Listener Voicemaills
Music: Hamilton, "Alexander Hamilton"
35:03-41:19 - Sponsors
41:19-51:18 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
51:18-1:03:25 – Recommendations: "The Witch" / "Hamilton"
Music: Hamilton, "My Shot"
1:04:44 - 1:05:49 - Promo
1:05:49 -1:36:09 - Top 5: 1972 Movies
1:36:09-1:39:19 - Close




- Massacre Theatre winner: Ryan McQuade, San Antoinio, TX


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