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#555: The Visit / Top 5 House Guests / The Mend


For a director who was once called “The Next Spielberg,” M. Night Shyamalan has fallen on hard times. In the decade since the success of THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE and SIGNS, Shyamalan has seen diminishing returns at the box office and with critics. Josh and Adam assess whether Shyamalan has changed his luck with the low-budget horror film THE VISIT. Plus, the Top 5 Movie House Guests and a few thoughts on THE MEND.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI.

0:00-2:04 - Billboard / MUBI
2:04-27:08 - Review: "The Visit"
Music: Keith Richards, "Amnesia"
28:30-47:47 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
47:47-52:29 - AK Recommends: "The Mend"
Music: Keith Richards, "Trouble"
53:25-59:49 - Donations / SVU Promo
59:40-1:26:08 - Top 5: House Guests
1:26:08-1:29:53 - Close / Outtake


Small Moments in Big Movies Feedback


Keith Richards


- Massacre Theatre winner: David Krishef, Grand Rapids, MI


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