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#548: M:I - Rogue Nation / Top 5 Exciting Movie Trends / Stanford Prison Experiment


Former Dissolve Managing Editor Genevieve Koski joins Scott Tobias for week #2 of The Dissolve's Filmspotting residency. It's also week #2 of putting a positive spin on the end of their former online home... Scott and Genevieve get optimistic with their Top 5 Exciting Movie Trends. Plus, a review of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION and some thoughts on the new indie THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI.

0:00-2:32 - Billboard / MUBI
2:32-28:44 - Review: "Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation"
Music: Heartless Bastards, "Gates of Dawn"
30:05-39:12 - Notes / Polls
39:12-52:57 - Review: "Stanford Prison Experiment"
Music: Heartless Bastards, "Journey"
54:22-1:10:35 - Top 5: Exciting Movie Trends
1:10:35-1:13:32 - Close


"Jurassic World" and high heels


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