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#542: Jurassic World / Spy / Top 5 Movie Locations We Wish We Could Visit (Revisited)


It's been a couple decades since Steven Spielberg first choppered us to Isla Nublar, but Jurassic Park... is back open for business. The long-awaited fourth Jurassic installment comes along just in time for all hell to break loose. Josh and Adam review JURASSIC WORLD and revisit the Top 5 Movie Locations We Wish We Could Visit. Plus, Larsen Recommends Melissa McCarthy in SPY.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI.

0:00-3:19 - Billboard / MUBI
3:19-26:22 - Review: "Jurassic World" 
Music: Dawes, "Things Happen"
27:40-41:06 - Polls / Notes
41:06-46:23 - Larsen Recommends: "Spy" 
Music: Dawes, "All Your Favorite Bands"
47:38-50:43 - Donations / SVU Promo
50:43-1:23:57 - Top 5: Movie Locations We Wish We Could Visit
1:23:57-1:26:55 - Close


- Dawes


- JURASSIC PARK is currently ranked 10th among Adam's favorite Spielberg films.


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Trailer: "A Little Chaos"

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