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#539: Mad Max: Fury Road / Top 5 Car Scenes (Revisited)


The last time we saw “Mad” Max Rockatansky, he was played by Mel Gibson and battling a spectacularly-coiffed Tina Turner. Max is back with Tom Hardy as the new road warrior. "Relatively Rational" Adam and "Mildly Miffed" Josh review MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Plus, Adam recommends PITCH PERFECT 2 and the Top 5 Car Scenes (Revisited).

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0:00-2:40 - Billboard / MUBI
2:53-36:28 - Review: "Mad Max: Fury Road"
Music: Pitch Perfect 2, "Kennedy Center Performance"
37:06-39:51 - Squarespace
39:51-46:27 - Adam Recommends: "Pitch Perfect 2"
46:27-52:22 - Massacre Theatre
52:22-1:04:21 - Top 5: Car Scenes
Music: Pitch Perfect, "Bellas Finals"
1:05:10-1:14:17 - Donations
1:14:17-1:35:55 - Top 5: Car Scenes cont. / Top 5 Feedback
1:35:55-1:38:10 - Close


- Tracks from "Pitch Perfect" soundtracks


- Massacre Theatre winner: Simon Vanderveen, Grand Rapids, MI


Josh's review of "Mad Max"

Anita Sarkeesian on "Fury Road"

Response to Sarkeesian

The Thoroughfare

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Pacific Northwest FS Meetup 


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