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#531: The Breakfast Club / Top 5 Films of 1985


If Josh is "The Brain," what does that make Adam – Vice Principal Vernon? Filmspotting commemorates the 30th anniversary of John Hughes' classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB with a Sacred Cow discussion. Plus, the Elite Eight of Filmspotting Madness is revealed, and the guys hit 88 mph in the DeLorean to share their Top 5 Films of 1985.

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0:00-2:41 - Billboard / MUBI
2:41-46:22 - Sacred Cow: "The Breakfast Club"
Music: Simple Minds, "Don't You Forget About Me"
47:30-54:11 - Notes
54:11-1:04:01 - Filmspotting Madness
Music: Cyndi Lauper, "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough"
1:04:51-1:10:59 - Donations / Promo: It's All True
1:10:59-1:42:01 - Top 5: Movies of 1985
1:42:01-1:48:03 - Close / Outtakes


"Unforgiven" Feedback


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Top 5 Movies of 1985


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