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#526: Fifty Shades of Grey / Top 5 Movies We Had To Review


Do Adam and Josh's "singular tastes" include an appreciation for the much-hyped adaptation of E.L. James' FIFTY SHADES OF GREY? Join them in the Filmspotting playroom to find out. Plus, the Top 5 Movies We Had To Review and two new recommended movies – SONG OF THE SEA and MATT SHEPARD IS A FRIEND OF MINE.

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0:00-3:07 - Billboard / MUBI
3:07-28:06 - Review: "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Music: Nikki Lane, "Sleep With a Stranger"
29:04-40:06 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
40:06-47:10 - Recommendations: "Song of the Sea" + "Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine"
Music: Nikki Lane, "Right Time"
48:36-56:20 - Donations / SVU
56:20-1:26:38 - Top 5: Movies We Had To Review
1:26:38-1:28:57 - Close


American Sniper feedback


Nikki Lane


- Massacre Theatre winner: Matt Peterson, Wheaton, IL


Josh's review of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Wallace Shawn as Pee-wee Herman

Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine

- Actual Ray book title - "My Years with Apu"

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