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#565: Top 5 Film Books / Kent Jones Interview (Hitchcock/Truffaut)


It may not be quite as momentous as Hitchcock and Truffaut getting together in 1962, but on this week's show, Adam speaks with HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT director Kent Jones about the legacy of Truffaut's seminal film book about the Master of Suspense. Plus, Adam and Josh take care of the holiday shopping for the budding film snob in your life with their own Top 5 Film Books.

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0:00-2:42 - Billboard / Sponsors
2:42-28:51 - Interview: Kent Jones
Music: Ryan Adams, "Bad Blood"
29:56-31:51 - Audible / MUBI
31:51-42:58 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
42:58-51:15 - Polls
Music: Ryan Adams, "Blank Space"
52:22-1:01:43 - Donations
1:01:43-1:29:26 - Top 5: Film Books
1:29:26-1:32:17 - Close / Outtake


Ryan Adams


- Massacre Theatre winner: Brian Fontanilla, San Leandro, CA


Hitchcock/Truffaut info

Chicago Serbian Film Festival


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