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#568: Top 10 Films of 2015 (Pt. 2)


The 2015 box office has been dominated by the usual spectacle – JURASSIC WORLD, THE AVENGERS and now THE FORCE AWAKENS – but there is less consensus than usual on the best films of the year. And that includes our Top 10 Films of 2015 roundtable. For the first time in the nine years that Scott Tobias and Michael Phillips have been dropping by for Filmspotting's year-end countdown, no single film made it onto all four lists. This week, the Top 5 of 2015, plus Massacre Theatre and more.

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0:00-3:16 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:16-47:01 - Top 10 of 2015 (#5-3)
Music: "The Times," Carol
47:51-51:23 - Squarespace / VT College of Fine Art MFA
36:10-1:02:30 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
1:02:30-1:43:15 - Top 10 of 2015 (#2-1)
1:43:15-1:46:41 - Close


- Carter Burwell, Carol


Massacre Theatre winner: Zak Santucci, Queens, NY


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Full top 10 lists with guest picks

Scott Tobias (Full Top 10)

Michael Phillips


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