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2015 Golden Brick Preview Special


We hope you haven’t had your fill of leftovers because on this week’s show Josh and Adam start their look back at the year in film with their annual Thanksgiving Golden Brick Preview. They revisit reviews for three of their favorite overlooked or under-seen movies of 2015 and announce the films that have made the shortlist for this year’s Golden Brick Award.

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2:13-24:34 - Review: "Buzzard"
Music: Chance Jones, "Love Still Wild"
27:04-28:01 - SVU Promo
28:01-45:36 - Review: "What We Do in the Shadows"
Music: Chance Jones, "Alone With Him"
46:43-52:49 - Golden Brick Shortlist
52:49-1:18:43 - Review: "Slow West"
1:18:43-1:20:46 - Close / Outtake


Chance Jones


Golden Bricks Shortlist

Michael Phillips' "Diary of a Teenage Girl" review


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