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#493: Maleficent / Top 5 Disney Villains


Josh and The Dissolve’s Tasha Robinson may have to wait until Prince Adam returns in a week or two to lift the curse Tasha just put on this week’s Top 5: Disney Villains. Plus, the hosts weigh in on Angelina Jolie's interpretation of one of those classic Disney villains, MALEFICENT. If the horns fit...

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0:00-2:58 - Billboard / Harry's
2:58-27:06 - Review: "Maleficent"
Music: "Trust In Me (The Python's Song)" from The Jungle Book
28:05-30:33 - Squarespace
30:33-38:08 - Notes / Massacre Theater
38:08-50:08 - Top 5: Disney Villains, pt. 1
Music: "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" from Disney's "Three Little Pigs"
50:55-51:24 - Filmspotting: SVU promo
51:24-1:06:50 - Top 5: Disney Villains, pt. 2
1:06:50-1:09:39 - Close / Outtake


Tasha's tattoo, Listeners on X-Men, Maleficent spoiler talk


- Disney soundtrack cuts 


 - Massacre Theatre winner: Nicholas Barner, New London, CT


Josh's review of "Maleficent"

Tasha's "Maleficent" review at The Dissolve

Christopher Redmond's Squarespace site

Tattoos on Sam's Tumblr

Top 5 Disney Villains




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