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#489: 2014 Summer Movie Preview / Blue Ruin


Adam's Top Most Anticipated Summer Movies boasts a collective budget that might cover a week of catering on the set of "Transformers: Age of Extinction." Does Josh go for a little more mainstream fare? Plus, Steve Prokopy aka Capone from Ain't it Cool News drops by to preview the Chicago Critics Film Festival and discuss the new indie revenge thriller BLUE RUIN.

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0:00-1:50 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:50-18:55 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Summer Movies, Pt. 1
Music: Ray LaMontagne, "Drive In Movies"
19:53-21:54 - Shutterstock
21:54-29:43 - Massacre Theatre
29:43-38:14 - Chicago Critics Film Fest Preview
38:14-50:28- Review: "Blue Ruin"
Music: Ray LaMontagne, "Supernova"
51:36-54:18 - Donations / SVU Promo
54:18-1:10:42 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Summer Movies, Pt 2
1:10:42-1:14:37 - Close / Outtake


Non-Pros, Desert Island Feedback


Ray LaMontagne


- Massacre Theatre winner: Itzik Mintz, Ossining, NY


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Josh's review of "Blue Ruin"

Chicago Critics Film Festival

Itzik's Chasing Roger site

Criterion "400 Blows" released April 8

Carano's voice altered for "Haywire"

2014 Summer Movie Preview




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