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#486: Top 5 Performances by Non-Professionals / Joe


Filmspotting has been making radio for almost 10 years as amateurs, so Adam and Josh should have an insight or two on the folks who make their Top 5 Performances by Non-Professionals — people who made a prominent acting debut without the benefit of experience (or maybe with the benefit of no experience). Plus, a review of David Gordon Green's latest, JOE, starring Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan and scary-good non-pro Gary Poulter.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (FILM414) and Squarespace (FILM).

0:00-3:02 - Billboard / Squarespace
3:02-30:41 - Review: "Joe"
Music: Black Lips, "Boys in the Wood"
31:48-35:02 - Shutterstock
35:02-45:16 - Polls / Notes
45:16-54:59 - Recommendations: "Mistaken for Strangers," "Finding Vivian Maier," "Ernest and Celestine"
Music: Black Lips, "Dandelion Dust"
55:56-58:34 - Donations / Sound Ops Promo
58:34-1:33:01 - Top 5: Performances by Non-Professionals
1:33:01-1:36:07 - Close / Outtake


Desert Island Directors Feedback


Black Lips


Josh's review of JOE

Richard's "Adventures of Seamus Tripp"

Mistaken for Strangers

Finding Vivian Maier

Ernest and Celestine

Top 5 Performances by Non-Professionals




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