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#481: Grand Budapest Hotel / Top 5 Wes Anderson Scenes

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Wes Anderson takes such care with each frame that it would be easy to choose five favorite moments from any one of his films. But Josh and Michael Phillips gave themselves a much bigger challenge: they strolled the grounds of Rushmore, walked the halls of the Tenenbaum mansion, and went five fathoms deep in Steve Zissou's sub to come up with their TOP 5 WES ANDERSON SCENES. Plus, a review of the director's latest, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

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0:00-3:26 - Billboard / Squarespace
3:26-29:03 - Review: "Grand Budapest Hotel"
Music: Nico, "These Days"
29:54-31:58 - Shutterstock
31:58-37:51 - Alain Resnais
37:51-41:55 - Massacre Theatre
41:55-1:00:18 - Top 5: Wes Anderson Scenes, Pt. 1
Music: The Ramones, "Judy is a Punk"
1:01:15-1:01:49 - Filmspotting: SVU Promo
1:01:49-1:24:58 - Top 5: Wes Anderson Scenes, Pt. 2
1:24:58-1:27:58 - Close


-The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack


- MT winner: Sam Birchman, Seattle, WA


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