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#517: Inherent Vice / Top 5 2014 "Best of the Rest"


What was the best shot of 2014? How about the best performances by actors we take granted? Filmspotting covers all its end-of-year bases with the Top 5 "Best of the Rest" – everything Josh and Adam loves about the year in movies... except the movies themselves. Plus, a review of Paul Thomas Anderson's INHERENT VICE.

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0:00-2:34 - Billboard / Donations
2:34-35:09 - Review: "Inherent Vice"
Music: Willis Earl Beal, "Nobody Knows"
36:28-45:35 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
45:35-1:02:19 - Top 5: "Best of the Rest"
Music: Willis Earl Beal, "Wavering Lines"
1:03:38-1:04:32 - SVU Promo
1:04:32-1:31:48 - Top 5: "Best of the Rest" cont.
1:31:48-1:34:35 - Close


Interstellar Feedback


Willis Earl Beal


MT winner: Caroline Thomas, Dallas, TX

- Correction: Pretty sure Peter Sarsgaard is not the progeny of Stellan Skarsgard.


Josh's review of "Inherent Vice"

Top 5 2014 "Best of the Rest"


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