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#509: Gone Girl / Top 5 Movie Missives


Before email, texts, Twitter and Snapchat, movie characters had to rely on ‘The Letter’ to communicate their most heartfelt feelings to one another — or to blackmail each other. Inspired by their discussion of director David Fincher's GONE GIRL, Adam and Josh share their Top 5 Movie Missives... the love letters, ransom notes and dear johns that have played pivotal roles in film. Missed our spoiler take on GONE GIRL? Get the full, king-sized spoiler discussion here.

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0:00-1:59 - Billboard / Varidesk-Squarespace
1:59-22:12 - Review: "Gone Girl"
Music: The White Stripes, "Death Letter"
22:48-25:22 - Squarespace
25:22-39:50 - Notes / Polls
39:50-54:42 - Top 5: Movie Missives
Music: Wilco, "Box Full of Letters"
55:27-59:57 - Donations / Promo: CIFF
57:57-1:17:30 - Top 5: Movie Missives cont.
1:17:30-1:22:15 - Close / Outtakes


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The White Stripes / Wilco


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Top 5 Movie Missives


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