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#473 Live: 2013 Wrap Party From Mayne Stage


With Filmspotting's best films of the year safely in the books - and, per tradition, etched in stone - Josh and Adam take a final look at the year in film, live from Mayne Stage in Chicago. Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune joins the panel to share 2013's best performances, scenes and more.

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0:00-1:35 - Billboard / Squarespace
1:35-6:44 - Opening Scenes
6:44-13:06 - Scene Stealers
13:06-20:35 - Shot of the Year
20:35-26:37 - Things We Learned
26:37-32:56 - Golden Brick Award
Musical Recap: Abraham Levitan 
34:12-37:03 - Sponsor: Squarespace
37:03-44:50 - Massacre Theater: Live!
44:50-50:54 - Poll: Mr. Anderson Edition
50:54-57:28 - Performance in a Bad Movie
57:28-1:06:24 - Supporting Performance
1:06:24-1:16:41 - Lead Performance
1:16:41-1:31:57 - Scene of the Year / Listener Picks
Musical Recap: Abraham Levitan 
1:31:57-1:43:12 - Close / Outtake (Spring Breakers Edition)


Abraham Levitan


Massacre Theatre winner: Ross Mahler, Ronkonkoma, NY


Michael Phillips

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