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#461: Short Term 12 / Top 5 Films of 1993 / Woman on the Beach

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Adam resists the urge to spend the whole show quoting "Tombstone" as he and Josh share their Top 5 Films of 1993, part of Filmspotting's year-by-year countdown series. Plus, a review of the new indie drama SHORT TERM 12, starring Brie Larson, and the Korean Auteurs Marathon continues with Hong Sang-soo’s WOMAN ON THE BEACH.

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0:00-1:47 - Billboard / Donations
1:47-21:13 - Review: Short Term 12
Music: Michael Nyman, "The Heart Asks Pleasure First"
21:54-27:51 - Massacre Theatre
27:51-38:43 - Polls / Notes
38:43-58:11 - Korean Auteurs #2: Woman on the Beach
Music: John Williams, "Jurassic Park" (Theme)
59:07-1:04:05 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:04:56-1:41:44 - Top 5: Movies of 1993
1:41:44-1:44:24 - Close


- The Piano, Jurassic Park


- Massacre Theatre winner: Kevin Ragland, Richmond, VA


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