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#445: Iron Man 3 / Top 5 Movie Geniuses


Inspired by the brilliant mind of Tony Stark, Filmspotting crunches the numbers to come up with the Top 5 Movie Geniuses. Plus, a review of co-writer/director Shane Black's "Iron Man 3" and more.

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0:00-3:06 - Billboard / Squarespace
3:06-25:04 - Review: "Iron Man 3"
Music: Air Review, "Young"
26:47-28:15 - Shutterstock
28:45-35:37 - Massacre Theatre
35:37-45:33 - Polls / Notes
Music: Air Review, "Rebel"
47:07-54:20 - Donations / SVU Promo
Music: The Beatles, "In My Life"
55:37-1:23:31 - Top 5: Movie Geniuses
1:23:31-1:30:23 - Close / Filmspotting Jr. #4


Air Review


- Adam says: Actually, my preferred 2001 Best Picture winner was "In the Bedroom."

- Adam says: I should have argued harder for how Shane Black plays with the 'optics of fear/heroism' in "Iron Man 3." It permeates the entire movie.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Todd Hiller


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Top 5 Movie Geniuses



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