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#441: Farewell Ebert / Trance / Top 5 Neo-Noirs

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Author Chris Harris ("The Big Clear") joins Adam and Josh for a trip to Chinatown and lots of other unsavory places for this week’s Filmspotting Top 5: Neo-Noirs. Plus, a review of Danny Boyle's art-world thriller "Trance" and a tribute to the late, great Roger Ebert.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (code FILM4).

0:00-1:21 - Billboard
1:21-18:00 - Farewell, Ebert
Music: The Beatles, "I'll Be Back"
19:40-31:27 - Shutterstock
21:51-29:56 - Massacre Theatre
29:56-41:17 - Polls / Notes / Pantheon
41:17-53:57 - Review: "Trance"
Music: Eels, "New Alphabet"
55:38-1:21:29 - Donations / SVU Promo 
1:04:53-1:47:47 - Top 5 Neo-Noirs w/Chris Harris
1:47:04-1:51:36 - Close




- Massacre Theatre winner: Ben Flanagan


"The Big Clear"

Harris Blog on Neo-Noir

Josh's review of "Trance"

Ebert on "Blue Velvet"

Ebert on "Dead Poet's Society"

Ebert's letter to Dana Stevens

Chicago Critics Film Festival

Pantheon on Letterboxd

New Cult Canon: "Brick"

Top 5 Neo Noirs

Danny Boyle Reviews:
#2 Millions

#169 Sunshine, Adam's interview with Boyle

#235 Slumdog Millionaire

#326 127 Hours

#234 Synecdoche, NY (mentions Ebert in review)

The Top 5
#418 Shaft

#94 Brick

Massacre Theater
#55 Texas Chainsaw Massacre



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