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#435: Top 5 Unseen Characters / Like Someone In Love


With the help of a six-foot bunny named Harvey, Josh and Adam share their Top 5 Unseen Characters. Plus, a review of Abbas Kiarostami's latest puzzler, "Like Someone In Love."

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0:00-1:52 - Billboard / Squarespace
1:53-22:38 - Review: "Like Someone in Love"
Music: Rodriguez, "Sugar Man"
24:13-26:45 - Sponsor: Audible
26:58-34:40 - Massacre Theatre
34:41-39:37 - Polls
46:46-50:05 - Ask Filmspotting: "Oscar Scars"
Music: Rodriguez, "I'll Slip Away"
51:01-1:04:58 - Donations 
1:05:29-1:31:59 - Top 5: Unseen Characters
1:32:00-1:36:42 - Close


- Searching for Sugar Man


- Audible recommendation: Shadow of a Doubt radio adaptation feat. Joseph Cotten

- Massacre Theatre winner: Joe Puscas


Josh's review of "Like Someone in Love"

"Side Effects" Rejects the Usual Sexism...

Top 5 Unseen Characters



The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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