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#432: Top 5 Director Comebacks / Charles Swan / Monkey Business


Filmspotting may miss Ron Burgundy and his musk, but this week Adam and Josh focus on the filmmakers they're missing with a countdown the Top 5 Directors Who Need a Comeback. Plus, a review of Roman Coppola's first film in 12 years, "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III," starring Charlie Sheen and Bill Murray, and the second Marx Bros. Marathon movie, "Monkey Business."

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0:00-3:38 - Billboard / Audible
3:42-20:43 - Top 5: Directors Who Need A Comeback (Pt. 1)
Music: Liam Hayes, "Fokus"
21:58-23:23 - Sponsor: Shutterstock
23:39-33:33 - Massacre Theatre
33:34-41:15 - Polls / Notes
41:15-56:49 - Marx Bros. #2: "Monkey Business"
Music: Liam Hayes, "A Glimpse Inside"
57:56-1:05:01 - Donations 
1:05:21-1:18:36 - Review: "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III"
1:05:21-1:33:31 - Top 5: Directors Who Need A Comeback (Pt. 2)
1:33:32-1:36:13 - Close


2013 Preview Feedback


Liam Hayes


- Audible recommendations: A Team of Rivals; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Middlesex

- Massacre Theatre winner: Matt Lawson


Josh's "Charles Swan" review

70mm Film Fest at Music Box

Kidman in "Stoker" (mentioned in Bonus)

Top 5 Directors Who Need a Comeback



The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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