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2013 Golden Bricks Preview Special


It’s that time when Filmspotting starts looking back on the year in film... So this Thanksgiving weekend, Josh and Adam announce their initial candidates for the Golden Brick Award, and revisit reviews of some films that flew a little under the radar in 2013. Among them, Sarah Polley’s STORIES WE TELL.

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0:00-4:44 - 2013 Bricks: Short List
4:44-29:36 - Review: "Stories We Tell" (5/23/13)
Music: Laura Marling, "I Was An Eagle"
30:40-48:10 - Review: "Prince Avalanche" (8/23/13)
Music: Laura Marling "Master Hunter"
49:34-1:11:47 - Review: "The Act of Killing" (8/21/13)
1:11:47-1:14:11 - Close


List of Golden Brick candidates


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