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#428 Live: 2012 Wrap Party From Mayne Stage


Live from Mayne Stage in Chicago, it's Filmspotting's 2012 Wrap Party sponsored by WBEZ! There was no dancing for dollar bills, but the show's own Magic Mike, Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune, helped Adam and Josh reveal their favorite performances, scenes and more from the past year in movies. Plus, special guest musician Abraham Levitan was on hand to summarize the trio's thoughts with his unique brand of improvised response songs.

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0:00-6:18 - House Rules / Billboard / MoviePass
6:19-14:37 - Opening Scenes
14:38-20:54 - Endings
20:43-30:06 - Disappointments
30:07-34:22 - Surprises
Music: Abraham Levitan
36:35-45:17 - Massacre Theatre
45:18-51:34 - Polls
51:34-56:04 - Golden Brick Winner
Music: Abraham Levitan
57:23-1:14:10 - Audible / Donations
1:14:57-1:21:35 - Best Performances in Bad Movies
1:21:36-1:25:11 - Worst Performances in Good Movies
1:25:12-1:30:01 - Supp. Actresses
1:30:02-1:36:32 - Supp. Actors
Music: Abraham Levitan
1:38:10-1:45:44 - Best Actors
1:45:45-1:52:06 - Best Actresses
1:52:07-1:58:55 - Truly Moving Moments
1:58:56-2:04:52 - Scenes of the Year
Music: Abraham Levitan
2:07:53-2:12:36 - Close


2012 Scene Stealers


- Abraham Levitan


2012 Wrap Party Winners/Nominees

Golden Brick Winners

- Massacre Theatre: Yonah Paley


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