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#412: Top 5 Dance Scenes (Non-Musicals) / Alps / Offside


Hey Kitty Kat, don't be a... draws a square in the air... and be sure to download this show featuring the Pulp Fiction Memorial Top 5 Dance Scenes. Plus, Adam and Josh put down their $5 milkshakes to discuss "Alps," the new film from the director of "Dogtooth," and conclude their Contemporary Iranian Cinema Marathon with "Offside."

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0:00-2:11 - Intro, Promos
2:13-22:34 - Review: "Alps"
Music: Divine Fits, "Would That Not Be Nice"
23:39-25:30 - Audible
25:47-38:44 - Massacre Theatre / Polls / Notes
38:45-53:58 - Iranian Cinema #6: "Offside"
Music: Divine Fits, "Flaggin' A Ride"
55:25-58:38 - Donations
58:54-1:25:30 - Top 5: Dance Scenes
1:25:30-1:27:49 - Close


Sight & Sound Feedback


Divine Fits


- Adam said Nic Cage lip-synch's to Elvis in WILD AT HEART but that's Cage singing.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Anthony Morfitt

- Audible recs: Various P.G. Wodehouse novels, Anna Karenina


Josh's review of "Alps"

"Citizen Wookie" movie

Top 5 Dance Scenes (Non-Musicals) w/ video


Audible - Get a free audiobook

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith-iTunes


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