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#405: The Amazing Spider-Man / Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea' Movies


Sometimes a bad movie idea is just a bad movie idea – remember Disney's "The Country Bears," anyone? But sometimes it results in cinema excellence. Inspired by their discussion of Marc Webb's reboot "The Amazing Spider-Man," Adam and Josh share their Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea' Movies.

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0:00-19:15 - Review: "The Amazing Spider-Man"
Music: Young Jesus, "Family and Friends"
20:05-21:58 - Audible Recommendations
22:14-28:09 - Massacre Theatre
28:10-30:47 - Notes / Polls
32:58-51:13 - EW's "50 Great Movies You've Never Seen"
Music: Young Jesus, "David"
40:11-44:01 - Donations
44:22-1:11:48 - Top 5: 'Seemed Like A Bad Idea' Movies
1:11:48-1:14:39 - Close


Top 5 Crackpots feedback


Young Jesus


- Massacre Theatre winner: Jon Graef

- Audible recs: 1Q84; Perks of Being a Wallflower; The Chaperone

Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea at the Time' Movies

EW's 50 Great Movies You've Never Seen

- FS-endorsed EW picks: The Iron Giant, 24 Hour Party People, Wendy and Lucy, Moon, Together

- Adam's EW picks: Marwencol, The Orphanage / Need to see: Lilya 4-Ever, Enter the Void

- Josh's EW picks: Ghost Dog, Murderball / Need to see: Walking and Talking, Chuck & Buck

"The Atom Smashers" documentary


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