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#403: Top 5 Films of 2012 (So Far) / Magic Mike


The Tribune's "Magic" Michael Phillips joins Adam and Josh to debate Channing Tatum's, um, talents on display in Steven Soderbergh's latest. Plus, the triumvirate looks back on the half year in cinema with a countdown of their Top 5 Films of 2012 (So Far).

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0:00-21:41 - Review: "Magic Mike"
Music: Kelly Hogan, "Golden"
23:06-24:50 - Squarespace
25:19-32:14 - Massacre Theatre
32:15-37:51 - Notes / Polls
37:52-54:08 - Top 5: Best of 2012 (So Far)
Music: Kelly Hogan, "Dusty Groove"
55:15-1:01:41 - Donations
1:01:59-1:28:18 - Top 5: Best of 2012 (So Far) cont.
1:28:19-1:32:32 - Close / Outtake


Take This Waltz


Kelly Hogan


- Massacre Theatre winner: Brian Knapp

- "The Deep Blue Sea" is slated for a 7/24 release; AV Clubber Scott Tobias wrote the DVD liner essay.


Raising Arizona screening w/ Jay Duplass

Top 5 Films of the Year (So Far)

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