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#401: Top 5 Crackpots / Your Sister's Sister / Safety Not Guaranteed


This week... a Top 5 so wacky and unbelievable, Walter Peck might just show up to learn more about what it is we do here. Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 Movie Crackpots and celebrate Mark Duplass week with reviews of two new movies featuring everybody's favorite "Humpday" star: "Your Sister's Sister" and "Safety Not Guaranteed." Plus, interviews with the directors of those films, Lynn Shelton and Colin Trevorrow.

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0:00-10:47 - Interview: Lynn Shelton
10:48-19:28 - Review: "Your Sister's Sister"
Music: "Big Machine," Mark Duplass/Ryan Miller
20:51-22:36 - Squarespace
23:03-30:24 - Massacre Theatre
30:25-38:29 - Polls / Notes 
38:30-59:41 - Interview: Colin Trevorrow
59:42-1:04:29 - Review: "Safety Not Guaranteed"
Music: "Playing Dead," Breathe Owl Breathe
1:05:28-1:11:18 - Donations
1:11:37-1:40:29 - Top 5: Crackpots
1:40:30-1:44:18 - Close


Prometheus fighting, feedback


Ryan Miller/Guster

Breathe Owl Breathe


- Massacre Theatre winner: Ashleyanne Krigbaum


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Top 5 Crackpots


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