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#426 (Pt. 2): Top 10 Films of 2012


Filmspotting assembles the film critic Avengers -- Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Scott Tobias (A.V. Club) -- to finish off the Top 10 Films of 2012 countdown and reflect on the year in cinema.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (use code FILM12) and MoviePass.

0:00-2:52 - Intro/MoviePass
2:53-45:30 - Best of 2012: #6-10 Recap, Picks #4-5
Music: "Heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe, Part 7: After the Storm" ("Moonrise Kingdom")
47:10-49:34 - Promos: Shutterstock / SVU
Music: "Everything Comes Around" ("Looper")
49:35-1:26:22 - Best of 2012: Picks #1-3
1:26:23-1:31:37 - Close


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