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#425: Zero Dark Thirty / The Hobbit / 2012 Golden Bricks


The end-of-year onslaught begins as Josh and Adam announce their eight Golden Brick nominees for 2012. Plus, an unexpected journey with "The Hobbit" and an early review of "Zero Dark Thirty."

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0:00-1:16 - Billboard / MoviePass
1:45-25:25 - Review: "Zero Dark Thirty
Music: The Lumineers, "Dead Sea"
26:36-27:37 - Sponsor: Shutterstock
27:56-39:38 - Massacre Theatre / Notes
39:38-56:07 - Review: "The Hobbit"
Music: Michael Kiwanuka, "I'm Getting Ready"
57:29-1:03:06 - Donations
1:03:23-1:24:24 - Golden Brick Nominees
1:24:25-1:27:21 - Close


Getting Spielbergian


The Lumineers / Michael Kiwanuka


- Massacre Theatre winner: Matt Kelly


Golden Brick Nominees - 2012

Josh's Zero Dark Thirty review

New torture-glorifying film wins raves

Two Cheers for Zero Dark Thirty’s Torture Scenes

Emily Bazelon/Slate on torture in Zero Dark Thirty

The right way to say Alexander Desplat

An evening of film and wine with Ed Burns

Filmspotting's 2012 Wrap Party LIVE

MST3K Event at Mayne Stage

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Favorite listener music discoveries

Holiday t-shirt sale!


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