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#383: 2012 Movie Preview / Haywire / A Separation


Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 Most Deliberately-Paced, Subtitled... er... Anticipated Movies of 2012. Plus, a breakdown of Gina Carano's backbreaking talents in Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire," and a discussion of divorce Iranian style in "A Separation."

00-18:02 - Review: "Haywire"
Music: The War On Drugs, "Best Night"
19:09-22:44 - Massacre Theatre
22:45-27:25 - Polls / Notes
27:26-36:35 - Review: "A Separation"
Music: The War On Drugs, "I Was There"
37:51-40:57 - Donations
41:16-1:01:35 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Films of 2012
1:01:36-1:03:32 - Close


Best of 2011 Feedback


The War on Drugs


- Joel Edgerton may be "Adam's guy" but he is NOT the star of "Man on a Ledge." That would be fellow Aussie Sam Worthington. Adam really does know the difference.


- Sorry, Oscar. This show was recorded BEFORE Oscar nominations were announced. We'll have some reaction next week.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Kevin Tyrrell

Q&A interview with Gina Carano

AV Club interview with Soderbergh

Adam and Matty's Top 5 Soderbergh Scenes

John Badham's "I'll Be In My Trailer"

Metacritic's Top 50 Most-Anticipated Films

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012


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