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#361: Top 5 Haunted Houses / Don't Be Afraid of the Dark / Fright Night


It was an evil show from the beginning -- a podcast that was born bad. Guest hosts Matt Singer and Alison Willmore dim the lights to share their Top 5 Haunted Houses. Plus they set the Ouija board table with discussions of "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and "Fright Night."

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- :00-18:48 - Review: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"
Music: The Decemberists, "Don't Carry It All"
- 20:07-22:32 - Audible Recommendations
- 22:54-32:54 - Massacre Theatre / Polls
- 32:55-47:38 - Review: "Fright Night"
Music: The Decemberists, "Calamity Song"
- 48:30-1:10:10 - Top 5: Haunted Houses
- 1:10:11-1:12:02 - Close


Featured Artist: The Decemberists


- Massacre Theatre winner: Joel Chapman

Decemberists Infinite Jest video

Top 5 Haunted Houses

Rob Ager's analysis of The Shining

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