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#354: I Saw the Devil / Top 5 Revenge Movies


Revenge is a dish best served... by Adam and Matty. Filmspotting takes on Ji-woon Kim's cat-and-mouse thriller "I Saw the Devil" -- available now on DVD and Netflix Instant -- and shares the Top 5 Revenge Movies. (Yes, there is an explanation why Kill Bill didn't make the list... this time.)

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- :00-17:32 - Review: "I Saw The Devil"
Music: James Blake, "Limit To Your Love"
- 21:09-28:24 - Massacre Theatre / Notes / Polls
- 28:25-38:29 - Listener Feedback (Best of the Year So Far)
Music: James Blake, "Lindisfarne"
- 39:32-48:34 - DVDs / Donations
- 48:52-1:09:06 - Top 5: Revenge Movies
- 1:09:07-1:14:17 - Close / Outtakes


Featured Artist: James Blake


Non-Linear Movies Feedback


Matt Singer's review of "I Saw the Devil"

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- Massacre Theatre winner: Kent Brubaker

Top 5 Revenge Movies

- Great revenge movies Adam excluded because they made his Top 5 Revenge Movies list back in 2005: Kill Bill, Memento, The Limey, In the Bedroom


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