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#337: Army of Shadows / Top 5 Revolution Movies


Viva La Resistance! Le Ballgame and Le Kemp risk their lives to discuss the latest Listener's Choice pick, Jean-Pierre Melville's "Army of Shadows" ... Plus, the 2010 Golden Brick winner and the Top 5 Revolution Films.

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- :00-16:04 - Listener's Choice: "Army of Shadows"
Music: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, "Bicycle"
- 19:06-27:19 - Massacre Theatre / Polls
- 27:20-33:42 - Small Town Movies Feedback
- 33:43-45:35 - Massacre Theatre / Polls / Listener Feedback
Music: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, "Between Two Trees"
- 46:56-1:01:41 - DVDs / Donations
- 1:02:01 -1:22:36 - Talkin' Bout a Top 5: Revolution Movies
- 1:22:37-1:27:07 - Close / Outtakes


Bonus Audio: Yay us, Remakes, Fincher's faves


Featured Artist: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper


New Cult Canon: Army of Shadows

- Massacre Theatre winner: Ben Newman

"Battleship Potemkin" at The Music Box - Fully restored 35mm print, starts Friday, March 4

- Top 5 Revolution Movies

- Top 5 DVD Releases of the Week: Out of Sight, Fernando di Leo Crime Collection, Love and Other Drugs, Bambi, 127 Hours. Plus: The Cable Guy, Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould, The Last American Virgin/Losin' It/The Sure Thing, SWAT: Firefight

- Audible recommendation: "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov


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