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#335: Cedar Rapids / Top 5 Small Town Movies / Camera Buff


Recording live on tape from the Royal Cedar Suites Hotel, Adam and Matty discuss the new comedy "Cedar Rapids" ... Plus, the Bedford Falls Memorial List of the Top 5 Small Town Movies, and the first film in the Krzysztof Kieslowski Marathon, "Camera Buff."

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- :00-16:42 - Review: "Cedar Rapids"
Music: Gear Daddies "Stupid Boy"
- 19:59-30:35 - Massacre Theatre / Polls / Notes
- 25:11-36:11 - Kieslowski #1: "Camera Buff"
Music: Gear Daddies "Color of Her Eyes"
- 1:00:19-59:56 - DVDs / Donations 
- 1:00:19 -1:13:26 - Top 5: Small Town Movies
- 1:13:27-1:17:25 - Close / Outtakes


Bonus Audio: Sundance, Top 100 British Films


Featured Artist: Gear Daddies


- Seriously, "It's a Wonderful Life" didn't even get a mention in the show? For shame.

- Yeah, we forgot the bleeps in Massacre Theatre that were supposed to make it tougher. You're welcome.

- Somehow in all the "Biutiful"/"Pursuit of Happyness" tie-ins, we failed to mention the whole deliberate misspelling thing. But yes, that was part of our attempt at being clever.

- "Happyness" is actually the 11th most entered MT ever.

Top 5 Small Town Movies

- Massacre Theatre winner: Steve Carley

- Adam Palcher's Best of Sundance List

- Time Out's Top 100 British Films


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