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#311: Farewell / Top 5 Acting Performances by Directors

August 6: Matt Singer from IFC News and the IFC News podcast sits in for Adam this week to discuss the new Cold War thriller "Farewell" and the Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedy "Dinner For Schmucks." Plus, Matt and Matty share their Top 5 Acting Performances by Directors.

Massacre Theatre is presented by the Dangerous: Memories podcast.
Filmspotting's Top 5 is presented by 26 Screenplays.
Music by Arcade Fire.

:16 - 21:16- Review: "Farewell"
Music: Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"
21:35 - 27:42- Mass. Theatre (Winner: Nathan Kerr)
27:43 - 34:05- Polls / Contests
34:06 - 37:07- Singer Recommends
Music: Arcade Fire, "Modern Man"
38:27 - 52:36- Review: "Dinner for Schmucks"
Music: Arcade Fire, "Empty Room"
53:26 -1:02:01- DVDs / Donations
1:02:32 - 1:20:52- Top 5 Acting Performances by Directors
1:20:53 -1:24:29- Close / Outtakes

- Everyone else sees the humor in Matty going more arthouse when I'm on break (Winter's Bone, Farewell), yet suggesting that I wouldn't want to discuss a movie like Farewell, right?

- Check out Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting podcast, which can be accessed through iTunes here.


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