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#314: Animal Kingdom / Top 5 Australian Films

Special guest Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune sits in for Matty this week to discuss the new Australian crime drama "Animal Kingdom." Plus, Adam and Michael reveal their Top 5 Australian Films.


Free Energy


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- :17-20:27
 - Review: "Animal Kingdom"
Music: Free Energy, "Free Energy"
- 21:40-25:52 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: S. Rydman)
- 25:53-35:45 - Notes / Polls
- 35:46-41:53 - Listener Feedback (Duvall)
Music: Free Energy, "Dream City"
- 42:52-1:11:21 - Top 5: Australian Movies
- 1:11:22-1:13:43 - Close / Outtakes


- Massacre Theatre winner Susan Rydman is from Kearns, UTAH, not Kearns, Ohio. Completely Adam's fault.

- Andrew Bovell adapted his play "Speaking in Tongues" for the film "Lantana."

- Michael may have suggested that Gillian Armstrong directed "The Piano" -- a New Zealand film -- not Jane Campion. We regret the error(s).

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