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#302: Robin Hood / Top 5 Directors of the Decade

Adam-a-dale and Friar Ballgame wear Ridley's Scott's "Robin Hood" for a codpiece this week. Needless to say, there's lots of room to maneuver. Will our merry band find Russell Crowe's take on the swashbuckler, um, adequate? (We're keeping with a terribly inappropriate theme -- apologies to Mr. Keillor and all of NPR ) Or will our in-house OUTLAAAAAAAAAAAAWS find themselves pining for the days of Errol, Kevin and... Favreau? The lads will also prance through some Listener Feedback and finally conclude their never-ending paean to the past decade by annointing Steven Soderbergh King of All Everything as they list their Top 5 Directors of the Decade. God, we wish Soderbergh had directed "Robin Hood." Just saying. 

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre and music from Richard McGraw -- Check out Richard McGraw's "Burying the Dead" in iTunes.

:13-17:53 - Review: "Robin Hood"
Music: Richard McGraw, "That Old Song"
 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Kyp Pilalas)
 - Polls / Notes
 - Feedback (Films of the Decade)
Music: Richard McGraw, "My Life"
 - DVDs / Donations
 - Top 5: Directors of the Decade
 - Close / Outtakes


- Matt Zoller Seitz picked Steven Soderbergh as his #7 director of the decade.

- Learn more about Medium Cool: An Evening with Filmmaker Haskell Wexler.

- The Viva Doc International Student Documentary Competition (ISDC) is currently taking submissions.

- Directors Adam vowed to watch more of in the future: Claire Denis, Apichatpong Weerasethakul aka "Joe", Tsai Ming-liang, Hsiao-hsien Hou, Zhang Ke Jia, Arnaud Desplechin

- Check out Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting podcast, which can be accessed through iTunes here.


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