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#298: Greenberg / Hot Tub Time Machine / Top 5 Films of 1986

It was probably a bad idea that Matty convinced Adam to record their discussion of the new Noah Baumbach film, "Greenberg," in the WBEZ hot tub at the end of Navy Pier. After Matty spilled his signature drink, The Snotty Astronaut (Robitussin, Malort, and Tang) onto the tub's controllers, the boys were sent back in time via their "Hot Tub Time Machine" to 1986. Undaunted, the boys made the best of their situation. Adam nobly set out to try and save Olof Palme and Len Bias from their tragic fates... and George Lucas from Howard the Duck... while Matty bet the entire Filmspotting coffers on the assured success of New Coke and spent the rest of his time trying to track down Fawn Hall. Before they could return home, the lads were required to list their Top 5 Films of 1986 to appease the inexplicable time-portal gatekeeper Chevy Chase. Just as they were hurtling back to 2010, Matty whispered to Chevy, "Enjoy this. Seriously. You're going to start to suck."

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, music from the "Hot Tub Time Machine" Soundtrack and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Filmspotting #298
:13-17:19 - Review: "Greenberg"
17:20-25:58 - Review: "Hot Tub Time Machine"
Music: Craig Robinson, "Jessie's Girl"
27:15-31:00 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: W. Goodenberger)
31:01-44:17 - Polls, Listener Feedback
Music: Talking Heads, "Once in a Lifetime"
45:01-55:36 - New DVDs / Donations
55:37-1:16:43 - Top 5: Films of 1986
1:16:44-1:19:05 - Close / Next Show / Outtake


- Read all about film critic Armond White's "appreciation" for the artistry of Noah Baumbach.

Slate article on Omega males mentioned during "Greenberg" review.

- Ooh, Matty skipped a line in Massacre Theatre... "mistake with a YOUNGER man."

- "Sherman's March" is available on Netflix - Instant Viewing too.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.


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