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#329: The King's Speech / The Fighter / Archers Awards


Are "The Fighter" and "The King's Speech" Oscar contenders or Oscar bums? Adam and Matty discuss, plus wrap up their Powell-Pressburger Marathon with The Archers -- the best of the Marathon Awards.

- :00-18:14 - Review: "The King's Speech"
Music: We Were The States "Don't Ask Why"
- 19:37-25:59 - Massacre Theatre / Polls (Winner: Kyle Waldron)
- 26:00-38:38 - Review: "The Fighter"
Music: We Were The States "Paris Green"
- 40:05-49:12 - DVDs, Notes, Thank You's
- 49:39-1:03:54 - Top 5: "The Archers" Awards
- 1:04:52-1:08:07 - Close / Outtakes


Featured Artist: We Were The States


Corey Atad on The Archers

- I suppose the mom in "Tiny Furniture" isn't really artsy considering she's, you know, actually an artist.

- Colin Firth doesn't get a lot of literal "applause" at the end of "The King's Speech" -- just a lot of approbation/approval.


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